Review from Huia Clements (Winter Portraits) 


Just a quick message to say a heartfelt thank you for this morning. I had so much fun, learned a ton and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. I’ve come home feeling so alive with such amazing energy flowing, creatively and with inner contentment & happiness. That felt so very good! You are a real pleasure to work with, and you’re great at making one feel at ease in front of the camera, which is a gift in itself. Thank you & I’m over the moon we’ve connected at long last. Hxxxx

Ps, picked Idris up with moments to spare so was perfect timing:)

Review from Joost and Florina from the Netherland (Elopement photos)  

We made a lovely book of your photo’s! We are very, very pleased with them.

You asked us for permission to use the pictures, off course you can use the pictures.

And you asked for some feedback, we felt at ease when you took the pictures. It was very nice. We are happy with the result. 

The only thing we missed, actually what our both parents missed, is a picture of us together, in colour with both our purple clothes. Maybe you have one of that to and can we order one of that.

Overall we felt relaxed, it was just what we where looking for. And the signature pictures,  whow!!!

Thank you very, very much.

Review from Francesca Popa (Photography workshop)

For those of you looking for a photographer or looking to improve your photographic skills around Peebles area, I would highly recommend Hanisa. 

I just had an One to One Outdoor Workshop with this lovely being and I am thrilled. She has been such a pleasure to work with so far!

Her calling is to ignite your passion for this beautiful art, she empowers you to find your own way to create through photography. So talented and patient! 

Heartfelt thanks, Hanisa! You are a gem! 🦋

Feedback from Lesley Finlay (Creative Portrait for her business)

I was drawn by Hanisa's creative energy to do my portrait for my business page.

We had an initial special "meeting of souls" for an hour or so to flesh out a rough idea of what my expectations were as well as using Hanisa's vision. After meditating over various oracle cards, we both finally settled on a  beautiful image of Kwan Yin as the inspirational pose which I accepted right away. Hunting for floaty fabrics in certain shades proved a little frustrating, however, Hanisa had gathered a few bits and bobs by begging and borrowing from various friends and sources. After a whole morning spent in her home, trying on many garments and swathes of material and showing me images she'd gleaned from the Internet, I could see how she was building up a particular vision portraying me as a sort of ethereal spirit Light Worker as she strongly felt this was how she perceived me as a person and a therapist. Being quite self conscious and generally unhappy with my body image, Hanisa put me at complete ease where this was concerned, advising me of the various tricks of the trade to show me at my best.

I placed my complete trust in this gifted lady to come up with a perfect image to capture my personality and business ethos, which she gave 110%. The photoshoot alone took @ 5 hours of me perched precariously on a high stool, draped in lacy fabrics and trying to look "wistfully profound", while holding on to a crystal ball, which was a bit of a giggle, all that extra background work, hours of gathering bits and pieces to create a mood board in her head is completely overlooked and not taken into consideration when putting this unique,  amazing concept together. Hanisa needs to bond with her client, utterley, on both a personal and spiritual level in order for her vision to gel; its almost an organic being. The breathtaking result is certainly worth the wait. Bless you, Hanisa, for giving me courage to go ahead with sharing this journey with you. X

Review from Bosco Santimano (Creative Portrait for his Editorial Column)

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