One to One Outdoor Workshops

I offer informal but professional, photography workshops around the beautiful, hilly countryside surrounding the town of Peebles in the Scottish Borders, about one hour by bus south of Edinburgh.

These outdoor workshops which are designed to be relaxed and fun, are also tailored to suit your personal requirements and are best suited for beginners or intermediate amateur photographers.

They can cover a variety of topics such as camera settings, composition, the different qualities of light, how to accurately achieve the correct exposure in camera, or can be focused on learning and practicing new creative techniques that will help you create a particular mood or effect in your pictures. 

Duration: 1/2 Day or Full Day

What’s included:

A pre-consultation to discover your requirements and what you would like from your time with me (usually via email or video chat if you prefer)

1/2 Day or Full Day workshop for one person or two. 

 Tuitions tailored to your requirements. 

Time spent outdoor with plenty of creative opportunity that will boost your confidence and your general wellbeing.

Inspiration and new ideas for the photos you will create in the future.

Walks & Workshops can be booked for any of the following week days: 

  • Tuesday, Friday & Saturday 

Please check availability with me

Important Things To Remember

Since we will be spending a few hours outdoors and we are in Scotland, the land of all seasons in one day, proper outdoor clothing, a waterproof coat and comfortable walking boots are advisable. Bring water and a small snack, if needed.

A large plastic bag or a piece of plastic sheet is also useful if you need/want to try very low camera angles that require getting down to the ground level. 

You are welcome to bring a tripod if you have one and a rain cover for your camera as it's always a good accessory to keep in your bag.

Please make sure you read the Terms & Conditions page before you complete any bookings.

For any further enquires or to arrange for a One to One Session please get in touch with me using this form.

Thanks for visiting this page and I hope to meet you one day!



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