Mindful Photo Walks

Mindfulness is our ability to be aware of what is going on both inside us and around us. It is the continuous awareness of our bodies, emotions, and thoughts.

These walks are an introduction to the conscious art of seeing, that can also be applied in photography. We will look at how to practice walking and photography with awareness, how to look at our surroundings with full presence to discover the hidden gems that otherwise remain unseen to our eyes. We will take time to explore our subjects with depth and total connection. We will look at a few of the Zen aesthetic principles to apply in our photographic work.

The application of Mindfulness allows us to truly experience and focus on the creative process while the camera helps us interacting with the present moment. 

The minimum number of people required is 2 up to a maximum of 6.  

Approx Duration: Two hours 

What’s included:

Two hours of group tuition 

Small guided meditation to help us connecting with our surroundings

 Breathing guided exercises 

Techniques to stimulate the energy flow in your bodies

The opportunity to be creative

A feel good factor



....and a deeper connection with our surroundings!

Mindful Group Walks are available every Friday and some Saturdays in Peebles surrounding hills and woodlands. For booking during weekdays please check availability with me. 

A minimum of two people is required. 

Important Things To Remember

Since we will be spending a few hours outdoors and we are in Scotland, the land of all seasons in one day, proper outdoor clothing, a waterproof coat and comfortable walking boots are advisable. Bring water and a small snack, if needed.

A large plastic bag or a piece of plastic sheet is also useful if you need/want to try very low camera angles that require getting down to the ground level. 

Bring a rain cover for your camera as it's always a good accessory to keep in your bag.

Please make sure you read the Terms & Conditions page before you complete any bookings.

For any further enquires or to book a place for a Mindful Photo Walk, please get in touch with me using this form.

Thanks for visiting this page and I hope to meet you one day!



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