Master your Camera Buttons & Settings

If you’re averse to reading manuals, as most people are, then this workshop could help you. The vast array of buttons, menus and other features available on even the most affordable DSLR and other cameras can sometimes seem pretty daunting, especially if you're just starting out. Understanding which features are worth exploring, and which are best left alone, is fundamental to getting the most from your camera. This is what this workshop is about.

Duration: You can book me for one hour or longer

What’s included:

A pre-session consultation to discover what type of camera you have and decide on the most suitable location for your workshop (usually via email or video chat if you prefer)

A planned tuition for one person

 I will guide you through the most important buttons and menus in your camera so that you'll understand their functions

You will be able to practice what I've shown you outdoor under my guidance for workshops lasting 3 hours

The confidence to explore further and on your own the remaining functions of your camera that we may have not covered in this workshop

The location can be decided at the time of your booking and is something we can discuss together via email or on the phone. 

These Workshops can be booked for any of the following days 

  • Monday to Friday

Please make sure you read the Terms & Conditions page before you complete any bookings.

For any further enquires or to arrange for a One to One Session please get in touch with me using this form.

Thanks for visiting this page and I hope to meet you one day!



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