PhotoWalks & Workshops

If you love spending time outdoors with your camera, looking to improve your photographic skills, or are simply seeking some inspiration or something creative to do, I would love you to join me on some amazing photographic walks around the picturesque countryside near the historic town of Peebles.

I offer a range of different walks and workshops to suit all levels and abilities. These include One to one workshops, Groups photo walks, Mindful photo walks, Full moon photo walks, and private tuition to help you with Learn how to use your camera and post-processing with Photoshop.

Group photo walks are part training session and part social event. They are less technical than individual tuition, are completely suitable for beginners and are a great way to meet and chat with other photographers.

The general group walks are designed for no more than six participants, which should ensure plenty of individual attention for everyone.

The length of the walks and workshops can go from two hours to a full day (six hours). 

Photography, Mindfulness and Nature

Over 2000 years ago, Chinese Taoists created gardens and greenhouses to improve human health. Today, numerous psychological studies have linked exposure to nature with increased energy, improved cognition, and heightened sense of well-being. Being in nature reduces anger, fear and stress and increases pleasant feelings. It not only makes us feel better but  also helps our physical well-being. 

In my personal experience, connecting with nature and spending time outdoors offers an infinite source of inspiration for my work. It also helps and supports my own physical, mental and emotional healing. Photography can be a lot more than just recording what we see with our eyes. It is a personal, creative expression, and when approached with mindfulness it helps us work through our deepest inner feelings of stress, sadness and even depression. When used together, nature, photography and mindfulness become a very powerful tool for healing, creativity and emotional and spiritual self-development.

Mindfulness is about being totally present in the moment, allowing all our senses to be there awake and alert. Then we start to see in a way that makes it more than just a lovely picture. It allows ourselves to just sit or stand in a location, to feel the coolness of the wind or the warmth of the sun onto our skin; to experience with touch the textures around us, the soil, the bark of the trees, the petals of wild flowers, and the tender spring leaves; to smell the grass, the flowers or the salty air by the sea; to listen to the sounds that surround us, the birds, the rustling of the leaves in the trees, the burbling of a stream or the splashing of the waves on the shore. 

Quietly observing the forever changing light, dancing around us, bouncing off the many shapes and forms that make our world, we calmly wait for the perfect moment ... we are the light painters.

The application of mindfulness to our photography allows us to truly experience and focus on the process instead of worrying about the end result or about what others think of our work.  A truly liberating experience! 


The town of Peebles is situated only a short distance from Edinburgh, and is easy to reach by bus or by car. It is an artsy town with a nice buzzing energy during the day and a calm soothing atmosphere in the evening. It attracts people of all ages and from all walks of life and it is the residence of lots of talented artists and creative people. It is a charming Scottish Border's town with its spectacular scenery and so many different walks to choose from. There are plenty of cafés and restaurants, craft shops and art galleries scattered around the town and quite a few interesting, independent shops. Everywhere you look, you can spot some fine old buildings and picturesque architecture, The town bursts with tales from the past, but it is continuously evolving and collecting new stories to write in the present. There are various events and outdoors activities organised all year around that offer plenty to do for the locals and those who visit Peebles. 

War Memorial roof

Pennel's Close Mural with Artist

Veitch's Corner House

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