My name is Hanisa Valentino and I am a fine art photographer. I see and experience life in pictures, and a camera viewfinder is the portal to my creative work. The photographer in me cannot be separated from the person I am.

My love for photography began when I was a teenager in the late 70s in Italy, my native country where I lived till my late twenties. 

Mostly self-taught, I began in the 1980s as an amateur travel photographer and learnt how to see and capture the beauty in everything I encountered: people, places and even in the most obscure, inanimate objects. 

After some years, and with less travel,  I became interested in lifestyle portraits and documentary genres that gave me the privilege to meet wonderful people with fascinating stories. I've worked with community projects, and with musicians, artists and craftsmen in Scotland, Italy, Australia and New  Zealand.

These last few years I have dedicated a lot of my time creating and developing fine art work; this allows me to be even more creative in my endeavours, exploring countless new ways  to tell stories.

 I am a "feel" kind of photographer and love atmospheric light conditions, textures, colours, and painterly effects, that I apply to all kind of subjects. Some of my fine art work is also very conceptual, and rich of symbolism. 

Nature is my sacred temple where I go to find peace, tranquillity and  the perfect, empty space from where inspiration can surface. The camera is for me the perfect tool that keeps my mind focused and still, another way to consciously practise mindfulness and meditation.  

Sharing with others my passion for photography, creativity  and nature,  all things I love,  brings real joy into my life. 

I am also very interested in collaborations with other artist, with community projects initiatives and organisations  focused on protecting and regenerating natural environments and wildlife.

Thank you for visiting my site and taking some time to read about me! 


Artist Statement

I see myself as a light painter, a visual story teller and a self-portrait artist. 

Finding the perfect balanced point within the duality of life, yin & yang, shadow & light, joy & pain, suffering & self-healing are all essential aspects of my creative work. A sorting process of sifting out that which is broken to find that which is precious and pure. 

My work carries symbolic messages and incorporates stories from real life, my main source of inspiration. The use of props and composite techniques in Photoshop allows me to add a wee touch of magic to the fine-art images I produce with a boundless creative freedom of expression.

Photography is the medium I use to escape all societal expectations and rules, and it offers me the ideal creative space where I can totally immerse myself with focus and presence, it allows me to speak without words of all the beauty I see around me.

Exhibitions and Other Projects

2021 - Behind the Veil - Theme Group Exhibition at Zenwalls Art Gallery in Peebles, Scottish Borders, Scotland.

2021 - Therapeutic Photography Video Interview - with Psychologist and Photo-therapist Dr. Bernous available on Instagram.

2021 - My Frame of Mind - a collaborative project led by At Birkhill House in conjunction with the Joint Health Improvement Team (Scottish Borders Council & NHS Borders).

2020 - Winter Exhibition - Group Exhibition at Zenwalls Art Gallery in Peebles, Scottish Borders, Scotland.

2020 - The Book of the Blethering Photographers -  a book born from a group project idea during Covid-19 Lockdown.

2019 - Metamorfosi - Exhibition at the Eastgate Theatre during the summer Art Festival in Peebles, Scottish Borders, Scotland. 

2019 - Cruthachadh - International Photography Group Exhibition at the Glasgow Gallery, between 12-22 December.

2018 - Book Cover -  for a friend who wrote in a small book, her childhood story to help herself healing from a traumatic past of sexual abuses.

2015 - Documented the making of the Peebles Mural by artist Michael Jessing.

Educational background

2014/2015 - NPA & NC Photography 

Edinburgh College -  training in digital, film, dark room, studio lighting, post-production and retouching with Photoshop and Lightroom softwares

2013 - Digital Film + Intro to Digital Photography  

Open University - Six months online courses learning all the basics for creating and editing videos and still images

1998 /2001 - Shiatsu Diploma   

Edinburgh Shiatsu College - Three years training on acupressure massage and Traditional Chinese Medicine

1996 - Professional Certificate of Shiatsu   

Australasian College of Natural Therapies, Sydney, Australia -Six months course in basic shiatsu techniques and TCM theory

1996 - Decorative Painting Finishes Course, 1995  

Eastern Suburbs Regional Evening College, Sydney, Australia

1994 - Basic Reflexology Course , Swedish Massage Course & Tibetan Usui Reiki II Degree   

Sydney, Australia

1993 - Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki I Degree Certificate

New Zealand

1979/1984 - Diploma in Tourism and Languages   

Technical College for Tourism and Languages, Milan, Italy

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