Golden Hour Walks 

These walks can be organised as one to one workshops, group photo walks, or mindful photo walks. 

They are customised per your requirements and planned accordingly. 

Important: Group Walks will only go ahead if we have a minimum of 3 people.

The golden hour, sometimes called the "magic hour", is roughly the first hour (often lasts only minutes) of light after sunrise, and the last hour of light before sunset, although the exact duration varies between seasons. During these magical times the light bathes the world in a warm glow and the shadows become longer and more dramatic. 

These are also the most peaceful and tranquil times to be in nature with less people around and more opportunities for fortunate encounters with any wild creatures. 

Sunrise walk - The departure time will be dependent on the time the sun rises. 

Sunset walk The departure time will be dependent on the time the sun sets.

And for those who prefer another time of the day...

Anytime walk - The time of departure for these walks will be exclusively your choice. 

Walks & Workshops can be booked for any of the following days 

  • Monday to Friday

Important to remember:  Group Walks always require a minimum of 3 people.

Important Things To Remember

Since we will be spending a few hours outdoors and we are in Scotland, the land of all seasons in one day, proper outdoor clothing, a waterproof coat and comfortable walking boots are advisable. Bring water and a small snack, if needed.

A large plastic bag or a piece of plastic sheet is also useful if you need/want to try very low camera angles that require getting down to the ground level. 

You are welcome to bring a tripod if you have one and a rain cover for your camera as it's always a good accessory to keep in your bag.

Please make sure you read the Terms & Conditions page before you complete any bookings.

For any further enquires or to book a place for any of the above Walks & Workshops, please get in touch with me using this form.

Thanks for visiting this page and I hope to meet you one day!



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