Fine Art

A fine art portrait image is created by the photographer as an artist and not just by the camera.

The photographer's vision is central to the resulting shot.

A fine art portrait is intended for 'wall art'.

It depicts emotion in a vivid and distinctive style, often unique to the artist.

These portraits capture the essence of the subject's character in a vision created by the photographer.

The photographer here, is the artist whose purpose is to make an artistic statement.

A fine art image of a tree's spirit or maybe a human spirit trapped inside a tree!? A magical story, a fantasy or a reality, it's up to you how you want to read it.
A commissioned portrait of a light healer. A tribute to the feminine energy of creation.
A commissioned portrait of a Light Healer.
A creative portrait of a woman who's a dreamer.
Butterfly n.2 is part of the Metamorfosi project created by visual story-teller Hanisa Valentino. This is the stage after the birth, when her wings are dry and plumped with blood and she's ready to start her journey.
A self-protrait by visual story-teller Hanisa Valentino. A project created around living with Candida Albicanis.
Part of the project Living with Candida by fine-art photographer and visual story teller Hanisa Valentino. A further exploration into the world of a woman in her menopause years.
Self-portrait by visual story-teller Hanisa Valentino. When we are trapped inside our own mind we feel caged and confused unable to move forward with our lives. The key is to understand that it is only an illusion.
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