The works of a creative mind

This gallery is a window into my conceptual mind, where my work carries a message, a story that is relevant to my personal life experiences and challenges. These images are very valuable to me because they represent great lessons I've learnt and challenges I've overcome. They carry emotions and feelings and deeply connect with my heart and soul. 

A conceptual portrait by visual story-teller Hanisa Valentino. Plastic kills, and we need to be aware of this. Plastic pollutes, our food, our waters, our bodies and all lives on earth.  Let's change this!

Growing within.

I created this work around my own metamorphosis process which is exactly what this story is about,

a continuous transformation and self-development, on a physical level with my body constantly changing together with my internal growth as a much more refined human and spiritual being.

Self-Portrait, part of my metamorfosi project, one of the many development stages of this work.

The weight of my childhood.

Returning to my parental home is always a challenge. After separating from my wonderful and supportive husband going back was like stepping back to my childhood, and I felt so lonely, totally misunderstood and tortured by the past that still lives in the present.

I was so unhappy as a child, felt unloved, judged and criticised the whole time. Nothing I did or said was ever acceptable, and no matter how much I tried I was always in the wrong. After only a couple of days spent in that house (age 53), that never felt like home, I was so destroyed by my parents aggressive/defensive attitude that my heart was painful. I had to go and hide to cry, to find release from my own pain. 

On the day before my departure I woke up before anyone else and made this image. The emotion is so real! 

Doing so, helps me to overcome difficulties and gives me a better understanding of what is going on inside me, but also turns the difficulty into a positive action.

Transforming a difficult time into a creative piece of art seems to always have a healing effect on me, and lifts my heart once more.

After I did this, I was able to feel gratitude towards my parents for teaching me such important and hard lessons! They are my master teachers.

B&W self-portrait, a family home that brings back the sadness and challenges of an unhappy childhood.

Isolation within.

Sometime, we feel so isolated in our minds, we feel invisible and unheard. We become part of the surroundings we are in and nobody notice we are there. 

When we want to just disappear into our surrounding, becoming invisible to the rest of the world.

Suffocated by Love.

These two images were created around the experience of feeling suffocated by a love that was just wrongly given, a love that wasn't real love, but more a need to control. That kind of love does not let you breath.

Some loose themselves so much that have no control over their emotions; they believe their love is just so deep, and that you don't understand them, and feel rejected if you ask for space to just be. 

I believe "Love" is about allowing space around each other to grow, and expand, like two beautiful trees growing side by side but without stealing each other the nutrients, water and sunlight they both need. Allowing enough space for the breeze/energy to flow in between two trees/two people is essential for the survival of both.  

Sometime we can experience love that is so controlling and full of distrust that can make you feel suffocated. A personal interpretation.
Sometime we can experience love that is so controlling and full of distrust that can make you feel suffocated.A personal interpretation.

Manipulative Love.

Some people have not learnt how to love without manipulation. They want to turn you in a puppet and move the strings around whichever way they think is right. 

Self-respect and self-love teaches us to not accept this kind of love.

Self-Portrait. Manipulation in relationships is a destructive companion, it brings suffering and cannot sustain itself.


This work is about my own process of transmutation, renewal and rebirth that occurred along the journey from pre-menopause to post- menopause.

Menopause is also a metamorphosis. The female body goes through changes at a cellular level, and hormones are at play in all our developing stages, from the moment of conception till death.

Menopause deserves to be celebrated and not feared. It is an important rite of passage for all women that takes us through the various stages of an initiation which include isolation, death and rebirth. 


Living with Candida

After a big health crises I was diagnosed with an overgrowth of Candida Albicanis. The good bacteria had turned nasty, I felt very ill and that forced me to look at my whole life style again. Eating habits, thinking habits, work ethics, relationships and old believe patterns needed to be rebuild from scratch. Candida was teaching me what neither my parents nor society to truly love myself.



Inside my Mind

There are times in life when I feel suddenly trapped inside my mind. It's an invisible cage where I become my own hostage, the bars don't really exist and yet they feel so real to me. 

Inside my shell

When I feel threatened

When I feel rejected

When I feel scared of not being loved or liked anymore

When I feel scared of my own feelings of love and closeness towards others....

I retreat inside an invisible, protective, hard shell and leave the rest of the world outside.

Thin branches of darkness wanted to drag me down to the deepest parts of my inner ocean where light cannot reach, where hope doesn't exist.

I looked up and floated without resistance till I reached below the surface where I was bathed in a beautiful light that made disappear all darkness from my mind. 

A gentle dance in the silky water of the sea of life. 

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