The Chrysalis

N.1.  The Chrysalis, is an important and necessary stage in life. We enter the  chrysalis to find isolation from external distractions because it provides an enclosed, safe and quiet space that allows for the transformation to occur.

Taking time off, away from all those elements that stretch and pull us in all directions, scattering our minds, making us feel lost is fundamental for inner growth. It doesn’t matter how we choose to take time off, it can be done in very subtle or more obvious ways. That is up to each one of us to decide. There is no right or wrong…only choices!

When I entered my chrysalis stage, I was married with a lovely teen-age son, and even though I was still there for them I also had a strong need to create a lot of space just for myself, to be alone, undisturbed.

How? I love cycling, so I used to pack water, snacks, a notebook, a blanket and my camera in a small backpack and left the house for a few hours. My destinations were quiet, isolated places outdoor where I could be surrounded by nature and where I knew I wasn’t going to meet other humans. I needed to spend time on my own and I was totally at ease with that. 

Inside my own and very special chrysalis I was able to reflect, meditate, feel, be and simply observe the wave of feelings moving inside me and the subtle changes occurring. The tranquillity of the surroundings allowed me to find a sense of peace within.

Every time I needed to reach for that very special, quiet place, I was escaping from home and family, not because I didn’t love them anymore but because I needed to find myself again. The changes that were occurring on a cellular level caused so much internal turmoil and confusion. I had to find some clarity for my own sanity.

It is very easy for a woman to loose herself under the weight of responsibilities and worries that grow the moment she has children. We are instinctually caring creatures and we tend to put ourselves last and then loose the sense of who we are, what we need or want. So, when the time comes, the kids have grown into adults we start looking for that part of ourself that feels lost. 

This time transformed me and prepared me to be re-born again, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  

This is a visual and symbolic representation of such an important stage in the life of a woman, the way I choose to express it visually and present it to you.

Winter seemed to be the perfect season for the creation and development of this chrysalis.

Winter the season that induces rest and inner reflection. A time when all life’s energy slow down and move inward. 

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