The birth of a Butterfly

N.2. The Birth was painful but also exhilarating like all births are. My re-birth coincided with the decision to separate from my beloved husband and best friend. So, it was not easy, neither pain-free! This decision tilted my entire life upside-down. I became very vulnerable and I had to learn to stand on my two feet quickly if I wanted to survive or maybe I should say … I had to dry my new wings very fast and learn to fly again in order to survive. A butterfly that cannot fly is a dead butterfly! 

After my re-birth I encounter various challenges and some dangers too, as we all do. Somehow the wisdom already gained through the different life experiences was there to guide me and felt protected most of the time, unless of course, my own fear took over everything else, leaving me in a state of panic and anxiety for the unknown that laid in front of me. 

During these challenging times I’ve learnt some very important lessons and worked at regaining my independence and self-reliance that provided me with a new  pair of strong wings. 

In its natural state, Birth cannot happen without any pain. Of course we can choose to numb ourselves and pretend nothing is happening and waiting for the most painful times to be gone, but then we don’t learn and the risk is there for us to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

The birth of the butterfly was shot towards the end of winter. A very cold February day. I remember the freezing draft running through the dark tunnel and having to change myself into almost wearing nothing. At the end of the photo-shoot, that did’t last too long, I had lost all sensations in my hands because of the cold and yet… it was such an exhilarating experience that I would have not missed for anything in the world. 

This image is connected to the rising energy of Spring, when life begins to slowly resurface from the dark cold winter months. A time of re-awakening when the pulse of the heart beat can be felt and almost seen all around us.

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