Metamorphosis Day Retreat

You are warmly invited to join us on our Metamorphosis Journey for magical midlife women ~ a one day retreat to explore our personal journeys of transformation for women, pre, peri & post menopause.
On this day retreat, we warmly welcome you to a safe and loving cocoon where we will gather in a loving community and deepen into nourishing rituals for you to fully flourish and expand into the next phase. 
When: Saturday 22nd February 2020 ~ 9.30am-5.30pm
Where: Space108, 1a Greenside, Peebles, Scottish Borders EH45 8JB, Scotland 


Cost: £120 

(Bookings of two or more people will receive a 15% Discount)

Includes day retreat, art & remedy making materials, nourishing lunch, snacks & refreshments throughout day.

Non refundable deposit of £25 secures your booking (with difference paid in full by 15th February, 1 week before retreat)

Booking & queries: 

email or text/what’s app to Hanisa on (+44) 0777 003 7979

email text/whats app to Fiona on (+44) 07906518715 


The Metamorphosis Journey is a co-creation of: 
🌺 Hanisa Valentino, Conceptual Fine Art

🌺 Nicola Orr, Holistic Chef & Yoga Teacher of Nourish by Nicola

🌺 Fiona Morris, The Natural Healing Guide, Herbalist & Holistic Therapist of Nourish and Flourish with Fiona Morris

We are a collective of women who believe in the magical potential hidden in the female metamorphosis at midlife. 
Together we use a creatively nurturing approach to share our stories and learn natural healing methods through a range of experiences designed to thoroughly nourish body, mind & spirit. 
We will journey into creative and therapeutic techniques to put us in touch with our powerful feminine energy and create a deep well of support to sustain us throughout the transformative midlife years. 
Here is a sample of what to expect in our journey together…
🌹 Soulful creative connection and story sharing in a safe space
🌹 Tea ritual and ceremonial approach infused with all we do
🌹 Kundalini Yoga to awaken your powerful feminine energy 
🌹 Medicinal plants and remedy making to support you though your transformative rite of passage 
🌹 Delicious food & snacks to replenish you through the day
🌹 Yoga Nidra, a deeply relaxing and restorative meditation technique 
🌹 Therapeutic Photography, to creatively explore your own story, with its joys and struggles, a powerful healing technique to portray our feelings and emotions
🌹 Meridian stretches and body tapping techniques to re-awaken the energy in your body and support all the main organs in their functions
🌹 Empowering tools for transformation to take home with you in your medicine bag

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