Feel the Love

Just this morning I was reflecting on when the social distance and lack of human contact would have brought upon times of loneliness in many people….myself included.

Even though I am not a super social individual, don’t go often to parties…mostly because I don’t enjoy the heavy drinking that goes with it, I still love human connections and love spending time in  good company of other fellow human beings. 

How can a lonely wolf become more social?

How can a lonely wolf feel still a connection with the rest of the pack out there?

….as soon as I started feeling a sense of isolation from others the magic happened!!!

….the phone rang and it was someone I have not seen or spoken to since I stopped working at House of Gaia. Someone who have never called me before!

Took me a while to understand who it was on the phone at first…my brain being too connected with the back pain was really struggling to recognise the voice and the name on the other side…till finally the fog was lifted and I knew.

This person called me, just like that, out of the Blue, to check that I was ok, and to let me know that I was missed a lot, and that I was in his thoughts and prayers.

I felt so blessed and I feel, that was the answer that came from the universal ether where all our thoughts are stored.

It was a message for me, not to worry because the love is still with me.

So many things to feel grateful for.

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