AMA a short film by Julie Gautier

A friend sent me the link for this short film on you tube.

So after a long and challenging working weekend, this morning I watched it.

It is so BEAUTIFUL, so touching that I felt my heart opening, love flowing around my body and before I knew it, tears were running down my cheeks. 

It was not sadness, it was pure joy for the beauty, the emotions and the feelings that the film stirred in me.

It is a tribute to all women around the world and a very personal project of film maker Julie Gautier.

With this film, as she says in an interview, she wanted to put an emotion, an ordeal, a story that would have acted as a trigger for sharing emotions.

She wanted the audience to identify with the movie by transposing their own stories, that is why she used dance and didn’t want to use words.

Each time I come across a stunning creative project such as this one, I know in the depth of my heart and soul that I want to do the same. I want to be part of beautiful, meaningful and heartfelt creative projects together with lots of other people.

Art is something that help us to connect directly and quickly with our hearts. 

This connection will help us grow into more loving and compassionate beings. Love and compassion are healing tools for us on an individual level and consequently for the world. 

This is what I want to offer with the Metamorphosis Retreat. I would like to share my own creative story and inspire you to find and create yours, without words, just using a visual language, a photo.

No, I won’t make you dance under water holding your breath…… we will be on dry land, in the beautiful atmosphere that Space108 offers. 

I look forward to see you at the Metamorphosis Retreat and witness you in the process of creating your story!

Creative blessings

Hanisa Valentino

(yours Holistic Fine Art Photographer)

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