Aim for what you really want

We think we have a lot to teach our children and when we do that we miss out the abundance of lesson they are presenting us with.

Recently I have been listening to a few interviews with Sadhguru on  YouTube and, he often reminds the audience that the difference between adults and children is that we adults have been here a little longer and had acquired a few survival tips that we can pass on to the children, all else is stuff we have absorbed from other people (family, teachers, friends, society etc.) and from our own life experiences and these things are not the ultimate truth neither they represent a true reality that we should pass on to our children.

My own upbringing and all the information that is stored in my mind, it is not representing who I really am at all. They are habits and believes learnt from my surroundings of which lots of them are a tremendous burden for me to carry, and they have stopped me from pursuing the things I really wanted in life.

I, like the majority of people, am caught up in this net of stored information that now I have to work hard to delete, dislodge and totally remove from my mind in order to find a way forward that is truly open to all possibilities that life offers without limiting myself or holding back.

So what my parents, schools, culture, religion, society taught me from birth and up to my late teens produced a very unhappy human being that had to then go out searching for her true self. In order to find myself I have spent the last 30 years of my life looking at ways of clearing the negative teachings that the adults passed on to me, believing that they knew better as a consequence of their own lives experiences. 

Then I became mother myself, and there I was, making the same mistakes, because they were learnt behaviours accumulated during my time as a child. 

Fortunately, the clearing work started a few years before motherhood happened, helped me at least to notice and see my own negative patters, and correct them, often after I had already spoken or acted. It was always done with the best loving intentions and desire to protect my child but nonetheless I caught myself repeating and copying what others did to me. 

I am still on the path of learning how to be better and let my son explore life in the way he wants and chooses to. 

One thing I did differently though! … I’ve been fully aware of the wisdom that my son was embodying since the moment he was lifted out of my belly, I saw it, and his father saw it too, in his deep, and quiet eyes and in his gentle cry.

We, the parents, are truly blessed!

Since he was born, he has been a great teacher for us. A child full of wisdom and I was open to listen and learn from the knowledge he carried with him the moment he arrived. This, I did differently, and this helped me correct any mistakes I unconsciously did.

This week he has taught me by example an important lesson I’ve been lulling upon for some time without actually applying it fully to my own life. 

The importance to strive only for what we truly want, with uncluttered determination, focus and desire.

In less than two weeks he was able to prove to me that is truly possible to create exactly what we want or need at any particular time in our lives.

The importance of such thing is that it helps us to live a much more fulfilling life.

What he managed to achieve is giving me the last push towards creating what I truly desire in this life. 

The time we have on this earth as physical beings is for sure “finite”, we all die, we just don’t know when; so it cannot be wasted. Ou energy needs to be focused on all those things that truly matter and are valuable to us - and nothing else. I feel, this will help to create a much happier and healthier society.

Because we all value different things, this will still allow to have a system within societies that is a perfectly balanced organism where everyone plays its very special and unique role that will fulfil each individual life purpose. 

We can think of all the infinite number of cells in our body, how they work in continuous collaboration with each other by giving and taking and how each cell is equally important and equally essential.

It is only by working in such an harmonious way that the cells make it possible for our bodies to function. It is such a perfect and sophisticated system and yet we often undervalue it and forget to truly take care for it. 

The fact we don’t think about this, shows up in all the abusive behaviours we force onto such an intelligent structure to the point of destruction at times. 

So thank you my beautiful son for reminding me with your example to keep my aim focused on all those things I truly want to materialise in this life!

Life is too precious to live it without living it.

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